The Wealth Tax is a Terrible Idea

March 6, 2020
The presidential campaigns of Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren sparked national debate about many progressive policies that failed to gain mainstream attention in the past. Both senators are pitching a “wealth tax” as part of their arsenal to disrupt an economic system that they believe is rigged against common Americans.

Libertarianism is Dysfunctional, but Liberty is Great

February 4, 2020
American libertarianism has become a useless, purely performative sort of politics. Many libertarians I know seem blinded to the fact that the American social contract has fundamentally changed in character. At least since the New Deal, the political reality is that government involvement in our lives has increased in irreversible ways.

The Soviet Temptation: A Note to the Board of the AEI

April 15, 2019
Our government is plagued by polarization, gridlock, and special interest capture which — combined with an overgrown administrative state and poor policy in many sectors — stall economic mobility and meaningful social progress.

Esper is the Future of Governance

January 16, 2019
8VC traditionally invests in companies that tackle industry-wide problems by reimagining traditional paradigms and helping modernize some of our oldest technological infrastructure.

Fix the International Price Index for Part B Drugs

January 9, 2019
American drug spending is out of control. At $330B a year, American expenditures on prescription drugs subsidize pharmaceutical R&D for the rest of the planet and allow foreign governments use price controls to keep drugs artificially cheap for their citizens.

How to Save $900 Billion Annually in American Healthcare

October 29, 2018

For-Profit College Incomes Should Mirror Student Outcomes

October 29, 2018
America should harness entrepreneurial innovation in higher education by financially rewarding for-profit colleges only if they help students succeed in the American economy.

The Dialysis Industry is Failing America

October 29, 2018
America’s reactive model of kidney care enriches an oligopolistic dialysis industry, wastes billions of dollars a year, and creates worse health outcomes for millions of Americans each decade

Align Incentives to Solve Recidivism

May 15, 2018
State governments should competitively reimburse private prisons that are most effective at reducing recidivism and helping prisoners reintegrate into normal American life. Only by rewiring incentives can we attract the best and brightest entrepreneurs to solving America's mass incarceration nightmare.

Tax Reform: A Silicon Valley Perspective

November 10, 2017
When an employee of a privately held technology company leaves the company and exercises her stock options, she typically has 3 months to qualify for favorable tax treatment.

Jobs, UBI, and Inequality - Joe Lonsdale, 8VC

June 10, 2017
This podcast is from June 10th, 2017

It's Time to Open the Pentagon's Books

January 17, 2016
Congress gives the Pentagon $600 billion a year: our largest non-entitlement expense. In return, the military must spend money efficiently and report back to civilian leaders. Fulfilling these obligations builds trust and ensures every dollar in the defense budget benefits America and our sons and daughters who protect us.